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Dinosaurs for Jesus

The Dinosaurs Speak

We went extinct, but you won't. Humans have a choice. Eternity with God in heaven. Or eternity without God, meaning you will not have anything good, in hell which is called the lake of fire, the second death.

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Good News

About You and Jesus

The bad news is that you must be perfect to get into heaven, and you are not perfect. The good news is that the perfection of Jesus can be applied to your "account" if you put your full trust in Him.

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Living With People

You Used To Eat Us

You are not the easiest people to live with. You hunted us. You ate us. You drove us to extinction. But what is even worse, you deny the truth about us just so you can deny the God who created you.

Key Facts You Should Know

About Dinosaurs

The myth that we went extinct 65 million years ago has been believed for nearly 100 years.

About You

Do you understand who you are? You are unique and incredibly important. But you also have a serious problem.

Good Person Test

This is the most important test you can take. It determines your future in every respect.

Welcome To Our Website

We're dinosaurs and we want to tell our story. We've lived with humans for 6000 years. We rode out the great flood on the ark with Noah and his family. Some of us were meat eaters and you were meat. But you are also meat eaters and we were meat for you. Eventually you destroyed the last of us and we are now only a memory and fossils. And in order to deny your God, you distort our story and our history. We have made this web site to present the evidence and set the record straight. But more importantly we made this web site to remind about your God whom you have forgotten.

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