What Happened To Us? (Dinosaurs)

You did! You humans are what happened to us dinosaurs.

Have you read Marco Polo's report on the "Dinosaurs and People" page? What does he describe? People hunting, killing, and eating dinosaurs... in fact, from the description, I think he was describing one of my Allosaurus cousins. You humans are so afraid of Allosaurus (they are similar to a T-Rex), when the facts are that you ate Allosaurus meat for lunch. They were afraid of you!

What happened to us? Why did we go extinct?

Yes, you hunted us. You killed us. That St. George guy was really hard on us. But there was more. Following the Great Flood came the Great Freeze. It was the great ice age, and it lasted over 500 years. I tell you, we were cold. And many of us simply froze to death.

And then there was the food problem. Before the Great Flood there was wonderful, tasty food everywhere. Living was easy. After the Great Flood everything changed. Finding good food was tougher, and some of us just could not find enough to eat.


What happened to us? Like many others it was a combination of factors. Predators (you humans). A changing climate. And a decreasing food supply. With poor nutrition we were weaker and we got sicker more often... and so we died. By the 14th century the few of us who were left were small and weak. That's why in 1572 a simple herdsman, Baptista of Camaldulus, was able to beat one of us to death with his staff. (As recorded on page 402 of the "Natural History of Serpants and Dragons," published in Bologna, Italy in 1640.) Then... can you imagine this... the dead "dragon" [dinosaur] was mounted and put on display in a museum. I'm glad I'm extinct!

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