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We're dinosaurs, and we made this web site because we want to tell you about an incredible person and amazing God, Jesus Christ.

Contact us through our human friend: sciencepastor@gmail.com (my arms are too short to reach the keyboard)

We'd like you to know that we didn't die out 65 million years ago. We lived with you, both before and after God flooded the earth... and we know you very well. But your dragon slayers hunted us down, and the available food wasn't like it was before the Great Flood, so all that is left are our remains that were buried in the Flood. Yes, we knew God, and we knew that, just like the Great Flood, destruction is coming on the earth once again in the Great Tribulation. You don't believe what I'm saying? Then use the menu above and I'll tell you our story.

about dinosaurs

In the stories handed down over the ages, our grandfathers told us how we used to live, play, and work together.

Thanks to a human named Noah, and his God, some of us survived the great flood. We'd like you to know this God.

We want to help you know Jesus

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