Dinosaurs Are Shown In Art From 1000 Years Ago

People have been drawing pictures of us for thousands of years. What's the big deal? After all, you take millions of pictures every day with your phones... mostly of your kids and pets. The big deal is that these ancient pictures of us show that we were alive as recently as 500 years ago. We did not go extinct 65 million years ago. Do you understand what that means? Something is wrong with your understanding of the age of the earth. Your methods for determining that we died out 65 million years ago are faulty and the evolutionary timescale is false.

dinosaurs in ancient art

The stegosaurus pictured here is a 1000 year old carving in a temple in Cambodia. (Photo by Harald Hoye). It is in a carved column depicting other real animals that the people of that time would have seen. There have been many efforts to debunk this carving, such as claiming the plates on the stegosaurus' back are actually plant leaves. None of these efforts pass the smell test. The people who carved this had to have seen a real stegosaurus. But, the evidence in art is not limited to just this one example. There are many examples. See this web site: Examples of ancient dinosaur art..

Peru: Ica Stones

Ica stones (photo credit: Brattarb) are commonly used to show we lived with people 1000 years ago. They would provide powerful evidence that the evolutionary time scale is wrong... except this is an area in which the evidence has become contaminated. Some of the Ica stones are genuine, but many frauds and fakes have been produced, and much of the evidence supporting the real OIca stones is anecdotal. We were there. We worked with the Icas. We played with them. And at times some of us fought with them. But, once Ica stones were discovered, and people realized they could be sold for big bucks, they started making fakes, claiming they were real. The government started prosecuting them for illegally selling ancient artifacts, so they stopped making fakes and to protect themselves they claimed all Ica stones were fakes. What a mess. So while Ica stones are cool, they are tainted as evidence the we lived with the Icas.

dinosaurs in ancient art

Nile Mosaic of Palestrina

I'll mention just one more. It depicts a sad story. The Egyptian words label this cousin of mine as a "crocodile-leopard" and you refer to him as "Eotitanosuchus." As you can see the Egyptians are attacking and will eventually kill the Eotitanosuchus. Although it is a sad scene, it is a clear depiction of our living with you humans (and dying) relatively recently. Eotitanosuchus did not go extinct 260 millions years ago as some claim.

For more examples watch the video below.

dinosaurs in ancient art

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