Dinosaurs Have Left Billions of Footprints

The study of tracks (fossil footprints) and traces is called ichnology.

While each of us can only leave behind one fossilized skeleton, and those are rarely complete, we made hundreds, sometimes thousands of footprints every day. Some of those have been preserved as fossils.

Carbon Dating Dinosaur Bones

Footprints Tell Our Story

Fossilized bones show our death, and at times not even that. In most cases or bones are found far from where we died, having been jumbled and transported by water.

On the other hand our fossilzed footprints reveal how we lived and more such as: our size, whether the dinosaur that left the tracks was a herbavore or carnovore, and what type of dinosaur make the tracks -- theropod or sauropod for example. Dinosaur trackways show how fast we were moving, the direction we were going, and whether other dinosaurs were present.

Dinosaur tracks provide insights into the type of enviroment we were moving through. And just the fact that our footprints were preserved reveals things about what it was like when we made those footprints. So there is quite a bit we can learn.

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