Carbon Dating of Dinosaur Fossils

Carbon dating cannot measure millions of years. It can only be used to date recent things. So... can dinosaur fossils be carbon dated? YES!

Just the fact that fossils of our bones can be carbon dated proves those bones are just thousands of years old (at most), not millions of years.

Carbon Dating Dinosaur Bones

Carbon Dating Dinosaur Bones

Carbon dating is done by measuring the amount of C14 in the object being dated. C14 lasts for about 100,000 years. After that all the C14 in the object will be gone. So carbon dating can only be used on objects that are significantly less than 100,000 years old.

In addition, more and more variables are being identified that have reduced the reliability of carbon dating. For example the initial conditions are not known, in particular the conditions before the Great Flood. The diet of the animal being dated also effects the amount of C14.

C14 has been found in nearly every dinosaur bone that has been tested (contamination has invalidated some tests). Most have been dated as being less than 40,000 years old. This is positive proof that we (dinosaurs) lived recently, not millions of years in the past. Some examples include:

  • C14 was found in ten dinosaur fossils. The report was presented at the 2012 AGU Conference. The dinosaur fossils came from locations around the world, Alaska, Europe, Texas, Montana, and China.

  • Carbon 14 was found in a Mosasaur bone and reported in a 2011 PLoS One paper.

  • An Acrocanthosaurus fossil was C14 dated five times. It's age? The C14 says about 25,000 years old.

  • A Triceratops was C14 dated three times and the C14 said it was about 33,000 years old.

  • C14 was found in all 7 dinosaur fossils submitted for testing by CRS.

Remember... there should be zero... that's ZERO... absolutely no C14 in anything older than 100,000 years old. But, there it is in dinosaurs bones. Other materials that are supposed millions of years old, such as coal, have also been tested. They also have C14 in them. Even diamonds, which scientists claim are billions of years old, have C14 in them. This is a very young world!

The scientific evidence is in. What I knew all along is based in fact. Us dinosaurs walked the earth very recently.

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